Frequently Asked Questions

Does the product stand on the table by itself?

Posh & Polly desk card design is an A frame. It is designed to sit on a table or desk.

How many messages are there in total?

For the Posh & Polly Giggle cards, there are 29 messages that you can flip through. The Posh & Polly Emoji cards also have 29 different faces that you can flip through.

What are flip cards made of?

They are constructed with a heavy duty, glossy, laminated card stock board paper.

What messages or sayings will I find in the Giggle Cards?

The 29 messages/sayings are as follows: Gossip, TGIF, Back in 10 minutes, Out of Office, Cold, Zzz, Crazy Day, OMG!, coffee break (image), Longest Day Ever, No!, Smile, You Rock, Top Secret, Silence (image), Stress!, Do Not Disturb, I Love My Boss, Happy Hour, Life is Awesome, We Love Our Customers, Call My Cell, Gone For Lunch, How Can We Help You?, Today is my Birthday, Oops!, I Love Me, and a 2016 monthly calendar.

What are the dimensions of the desk cards?

When standing on the desk, it measures approximately 5.25 inches in height, 5 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in depth.

Are all the Emoji faces in yellow?

Majority are in yellow but there are ones in red and green depending on the Emoji facial expression.